A Wreck Under the El in Egleston (1929)

For our Photo of the Day on Thursdays, we highlight an image of old JP. This week's image is from the Boston Public Library's collection of famed photographer Leslie Jones. This 1929 photo had the caption, "Auto accident at Egleston Sq. and many hurt," according to the BPL's Flickr account. Tip of the scally cap to Old School Boston Facebook page for featuring this photo, which first drew my attention to it.


Franklin Park Kitty, Circa 1928

For our "Throwback Thursday" Photo of the Day, we feature an image of old JP. Here's famous Boston photographer Leslie Jones capturing a moment with a cat in Franklin Park in November 1928. [selfie]

This photo is part of the Boston Public Library's cache of historical photos, many of them by Jones. This came from the "Animals: Dogs and Cats" album. Another place to look for historical photos of JP is the Historical Society's photo archive.