A sidewalk memorial to "Chino" was put up over the weekend in the area of 195 Boylston St.

Sidewalk Memorial Appears on Boylston

A sidewalk memorial was put up on Boylston Street over the weekend. The memorial bore the words "RIP Chino" and also memorialized Luis "Mata" Troncoso, killed in 2008, Luis "Tito" Torres in October 2010 and Winsizky Soto and Johnnel "Bo" Cruz, both shot in Same Old Place in November 2010. Police had previously linked Troncoso, Torres, Soto and Cruz to the Boylston Street crew infamous for its feud with rival Mozart Street. The new memorial may be linked to the stabbing death of a man on Saturday in East Boston, but that has not been confirmed by police. As of Monday morning, police were not releasing the victim's name.