Q&A: Mary Tamer Talks Police Budget, Charter Schools, Development, and More

Boston City Council District 6 candidate Mary Tamer fielded questions from Jamaica Plain News about development, whether she supports having an elected school committee, police, and more. The following interview was conducted electronically. 
Q: You chose to run for the Boston City Council District 6 seat after the current councilor announced he would not seek reelection. Why did you decide to run? Tamer: With the number of challenges facing Boston right now, it was the right time for me to serve by bringing my advocacy, public service, and leadership experience to help address those challenges. I’ve spent my professional life advocating for families, children, and those whose voices are often not heard.


Opinion: JP Progressives’s Statement Concerning Negative Campaigning in District 6

A few days ago, a mailer arrived in the mailboxes of some voters in District 6. A composite photo of the D6 city council candidates showed Mary Tamer on one side, in color and light, and Kendra Hicks on the other side, in darkened black and white. This kind of image manipulation is a known racist tactic used to make Black candidates appear menacing, and it is entirely unacceptable. It is difficult to believe that the Tamer campaign was unaware of this trope in the year 2021. On Monday morning, after several days of outrage and pushback from the D6 community, the Tamer campaign released a statement noting that the mailer “did not set the right tone.” We call this a statement and not an apology because nowhere in it was an expression of regret, an acknowledgement of the harm caused, or the word “sorry.”
The mailer also commented on Kendra Hicks’ voting record.


D6 Election: Hicks, Tamer, Community Respond to ‘Racialized Tone’ of Tamer Mailer

Boston City Council District 6 candidate Kendra Hicks responded to a campaign mailer sent by her D6 opponent Mary Tamer this weekend that many community members are calling a racist dogwhistle. Following feedback from the community, Tamer also issued a statement. “In 2021, there is no place for such blatantly racist messaging in a campaign hoping to represent as diverse a community as District 6. I entered this race to meet the urgent need of residents across the city, focused on solutions and with a belief that together we can create better policy with more voices at the table. Darkening or editing a photo of a Black person to look more menacing is a racist tactic that has long been used by candidates in political campaigns, most notably by Republicans.


Ethos’ Candidates Forums: District 6 on Oct. 13; Mayoral Candidates on Oct. 15

Jamaica Plain based nonprofit Ethos is solely devoted to keeping elders at home, and has always created opportunities to bring issues that are relevant to older adults to the forefront of debate among candidates for office and elected officials. With that in mind, Ethos will be hosting two forums, one for Boston City Council's District 6 race and a mayoral forum. Ethos will be hosting its Boston City Council District 6 candidates forum virtually with Kendra Hicks and Mary Tamer on Oct. 13 from 11 am to 12:30 pm. Ethos will be hosting its mayoral candidates forum virtually with At-Large City Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George on Friday, October 15, from 11:30 am to 1 pm.


Prelim Results: Hicks Finishes First in D6 Race; Wu and Essaibi-George Final Two in Mayor’s Race

Kendra Hicks finished first in Tuesday's preliminary Boston City Council District 6 race, setting up a November municipal election against Mary Tamer. Update as of 10:22 am (September 15):

The city tabulated all vote totals after working through the night. In the District 6 race Kendra Hicks received 49.97% of votes (9,236), with Mary Tamer getting 43.19% of votes (7,984), and Winnie Eke received 6.43% of votes (1,188). Hicks bested Tamer by 1,252 votes. There were also 76 write-in votes.


Poll: Who’s Got Your Vote For District 6 City Councilor?

Tuesday is Election Day and there are three candidates vying to be the next District 6 Boston City Councilor. Take the poll and vote for your preferred candidate. The three candidates are Winnie Eke, Kendra Hicks, and Mary Tamer. Click here to read Part I and II of a Jamaica Plain News Q&A with all three candidates.


Opinion: Consider Science at the Polling Booth When Voting for City Council and Mayor

Voting for the president is often the first thing that comes to mind when most of us think of taking political action. While it’s true that voting for the highest office is important, the changes that most affect our day-to-day lives are happening here in Boston. The primary elections for the Boston City Council and mayor are September 14. Boston City Councilors represent and support us as the connector between the people and city hall for issues and services directly related to Boston. Our local elected officials are the ones who dictate the local laws, policies, and budgets that affect us the most.


Boston City Council District 6 Online Candidates Forum on Aug. 31

The three candidates for the Boston City Council District 6 seat will be participating in an online candidates forum hosted by Ward 11 and 19 Democratic Committees on Aug. 31. Winnie Eke, Kendra Hicks, and Mary Tamer are vying for the District 6 seat which is being vacated by Matt O'Malley, who chose not to run after 10 years in office. Click here for Part I and Part II of Jamaica Plain News' Q&A's with the three candidates. Tuesday night's forum starts at 7 pm and will focus on questions that are of particular concerns to District 6.