Q&A: JP Man, Co-Founder of Mass Hole Donuts, Uses His Masshole Powers for Good

There are a lot of donut companies in Massachusetts, but there's only one Mass Hole Donuts, and it was co-founded by Jamaica Plain's own Alex Mansfield. He answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about being a masshole, the company's surly bear logo, why you can put bacon on donuts and more. Q: You're the co-founder of Mass Hole Donuts. Who is/are the other co-founder(s) and when was the business founded? Mansfield: The other co-founder is Peter Gladstone, who is currently the Assistant Director of Consumer Goods & Services at the Harvard Innovation Lab, and previously served as the head of Advertising & Innovation for Sam Adams. Peter had the idea for Mass Hole Donuts after purchasing a dozen donuts from a trendy bakery, and later regretting that he and his wife couldn't finish the box.