Floor-stripping Fumes Force Evacuation of Moss Hill School

A Montessori school tucked away on the first floor of a Rockwood Street was briefly cleared of students Friday morning after fumes from chemicals being used to strip board on the second floor caused alarm. A Boston Fire spokesman posted via Twitter that crews arrived at 10:43 a.m. in response to a call about a strange odor. A solvent workers were using to peel off floor adhesive turned out to be the source. Hazardous materials experts said readings were negative. The Bilingual Montessori School of Boston, 61 Rockwood St., offers instruction in French and English.


Tagged Parakeet Found Near Faulkner Hospital

Here's a pic of parakeet. In Boston animal control's possession now. @universalhub pic.twitter.com/iU7CnviJ1k— Tillie Jupiter (@tilliejupiter) April 19, 2015

Social media was full of parakeet sightings on Saturday. The Real Lenny reported seeing one in his backyard, behind Faulkner Hospital. @universalhub found parakeet in my back yard pic.twitter.com/nTLu67Mt81— The Real Lenny (@3lcj) April 18, 2015

Tillie Jupiter was able to get closer and actually tempt the bird inside.


JP Votes 80 Percent For Coakley, 15 Percent for Baker

A look at the precinct-by-precinct results shows Jamaica Plain went heavier for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley than the rest of the city did. While Boston as a whole went 66 percent to 30 percent for Coakley over Governor-elect Charlie Baker, JP voters chose Coakley by an 80-15 margin. Independent Evan Falchuk made a slightly stronger showing in JP than in Boston: 3.5 percent in the neighborhood and 2.8 percent city-wide. But while JP was overwhelmingly for Coakley, there were differences among precincts. Residents of Moss Hill, with its suburban feel, also voted more like suburbanites.

Screen shot of Google Map of Spaulding Rehab, West Roxbury

Water Main Break Forces Evacuation of Spaulding Rehab

Spaulding Rehab, just outside JP along Centre Street, was evacuated this morning after the facility lost water overnight. WCVB reports that 56 patients have been moved from the West Roxbury hospital to various other facilities, including nearby Faulkner Hospital and Hebrew Rehab. No patients were in danger. A burst pipe caused flooding in the basement which in turn forced hospital officials to shut off water, according to WHDH. If you live or commute along Centre Street to the VFW Parkway you may have seen many ambulances and emergency vehicles this morning.