Still from Rick Berlin and the Nickel & Dime Band's video for "(I Don't Care) Whatcha Think (About Me)"

Jamaica Plain Faces Star in New Rick Berlin Video

JP, a neighborhood devoted to letting its freak flag fly, contributes dozens of faces to the new Rick Berlin video for "(I Don't Care) Whatcha Think (About Me.)"

Watch the video and you'll see familiar faces and places from around JP. Who knew line dancing was a thing at Doyle's? The video also features Boston landmarks outside our neighborhood, like Jacque's Cabaret. For an HD version of the video, click through to Vimeo. The song is from "When We Were Kids," the latest album from Berlin and the Nickel & Dime Band.


JP Rocker Rick Berlin Debuts ‘I Love My Street’ Video

Jamaica Plain is probably too many things to too many people to have one theme song. But "I Love My Street" by Rick Berlin and the Nickel and Dime Band comes as close as I've heard. Berlin, the neighborhood's best-known musician, loves JP. He loves it down to the school kid flipping a bird out the bus window at a dog. It is one fierce love.