Vigil for Orlando Shooting Victims Held at the Monument in Jamaica Plain

In response to the horrific mass shooting at an Orlando LGBT nightclub, community members held a vigil at the Soldier's Monument in Jamaica Plain on Sunday afternoon. "I think in times like this it is important to come together with the community," said Lauren Doty, one of the organizers, who said it was extremely difficult to go from celebrating gay pride and acceptance at Saturday's Boston Pride Parade to then facing the antithesis. "At the same time, I know my reality of a white cis queer person is much safer day to day than that of people of color and members of the trans community," she said. Hosting a vigil in Jamaica Plain, Doty said, made sense, especially given Sunday's nearby Boston Pride LGBT block party in Hyde Square. "Being here on the 39 bus route, people can stop and have a moment," she said.