This section of Forest Hills at the corner of Ukraine Way and Hyde Park Avenue, known as Parcel U, is slated to be home to 121 housing units, 90 parking spaces and retail space.

City Board Approves 124 Housing Units at Forest Hill’s ‘Parcel U’

At its meeting Friday the Boston Redevelopment Authority board voted in favor of a 124-unit development Hyde Park Avenue between Ukraine Way and Walk Hill Street. The development, termed "Parcel U" because it's one of several pieces of MBTA land surrounding Forest Hills, will be built in three phases between 2015 and 2017. It will have a line of row houses along Hyde Park Avenue and a 65-unit, five-story apartment building at Ukraine Way. Urbanica Design is the architect. Urbanica and the Community Builders are the development team.


Giant ‘Parcel U’ Development Nears Final Approval

The community process for one of the largest residential developments in the history of Forest Hills is over — except for a public hearing on variances from the zoning code the 124-unit project might need. Parcel U, as the property is known in MBTA lingo, sits on the skinny three-acre strip between Hyde Park Avenue and the train tracks south of Ukraine Way. It includes 124 homes in a cluster of nine duplex ownership row houses and one rental multi-family building. The public comment period for the Boston Redevelopment Authority's public process ended Oct. 10.

Southwest view of proposed five-story apartment building for the corner of Ukraine Way and Hyde Park Avenue.

Builders: Retail Anchors Aren’t Biting for ‘Parcel U’

A corner property right across from the Forest Hills T might seem likely to attract anchor tenants like CVS or Walgreens. But the developers behind Forest Hill's "Parcel U" say companies like that want visible parking. So they're hoping to attract a local anchor business for the project's 2,000 square feet of retail. While neighbors worry about the influx of people and cars cascading into Forest Hills, the calculus is different for businesses. Right now, only about 7,000 people live in Forest Hills, said James Madden, project manager for The Community Builders Inc., which is partnering with Urbanica Inc. to develop "Parcel U," a skinny tract between Hyde Park Avenue and the train tracks stretching from Ukraine Way down to the Toll Gate Cemetery.