Class Consciousness: Talking to Kids, Schools and Parents

One of the most toxic and unspoken ways in which children and teens are shamed or bullied or simply made anxious has to do with social class. Talking about privilege or economic struggle could—and perhaps should–start at home, but parents often don’t have the tools with which to explain our country’s vast inequalities and the ways they may impact school culture. Education is supposed to be the great equalizer but teachers don’t always have a framework for open discussions either. Meanwhile, some public school districts “lunch shame” students whose parents can’t manage to pay the fee.” with “Basic things such as lunch, book fairs, extracurricular activities and field trips already begin tow widen the class divide as early as kindergarten. How do we as either teachers or parents walk the line between

truth-telling and enlightening our kids and shielding them from the difficulties of the world?

Liz Vittori Koch pauses for a photo at the 3 Green St. location of her store, "Hatched," on Aug. 15, 2014.

Kids’ Clothing Store ‘Hatched’ Moves to New Nest

After nearly nine years on Green Street, a JP boutique specializing in eco-friendly, ethically-produced children's clothing will reopen in a bigger space around the corner on Thursday. Liz Vittori Koch, the entrepreneur behind "Hatched," said the new 668 Centre St. location, right beside City Feed, will raise visibility. And that's crucial in a marketplace where consumers have so many options. "People want it when they want it," Koch said.


Make a Better School Lunch

This summer sure is going by quickly! Can you believe that the kiddos are almost ready to go back to school? We have no doubt that you have mastered your Back to School Routine, now it’s time to step up another aspect of your child’s day – their lunch! There has been a huge push recently to upgrade the quality of lunches provided by school cafeterias, but the truth is that some still aren’t up to par. According to the Huffington Post, cafeteria lunches contain far more sodium and fat than are recommended.