What I’ve Learned From 40 Years of Community Organizing

Forty years ago, on May 9, 1975, I decided to become involved in Franklin Park. Nobody asked me. I just wanted to. I walked down to Freddie's Market at the corner of Williams and Washington Street and bought a box of plastic trash bags.  I spent nine hours cleaning the Williams Street foot entrance to Franklin Park opposite 269 Forest Hills St. where my wife, Martha, and I then lived.


Franklin Park Could Finally Get Safety-Boosting Sign System

At a well-attended Franklin Park safety meeting last October speakers expressed frustration that they cannot adequately describe where they are when calling in a complaint. "Calls [to police] are not attended to because the 911 operator or police don't know where to go." said Christine Poff, director of the Franklin Park Coalition, said then. The Boston Parks Department is taking steps to correct that problem. According to Ryan Woods, director of external affairs at the Boston Parks Department, Cloud Gehshan, a Philadelphia firm, was hired to do the design for the park signs.


City Agencies Not Talking to One Another on New Seaver Street Sidewalk

A new sidewalk is nearing completion that will connect Egleston Square to the Egleston Square entrance to Franklin Park. Built under contract with the city's Public Works Department the sidewalk is long overdue

That's the good news. The bad news is the limit of the new concrete ended short of the park steps, leaving a shabby park entrance at the corner of Walnut Avenue and Seaver Street.  The rest of the way is old, crumbling concrete. According to Franklin Park Coalition Director Christine Poff, the Parks Department declined to participate in the sidewalk work; it only required that no parkland be taken.