How the Chicken Crossed the Street

Hi, has anyone found a good way to get around the Forest Hills T station, specifically how to get from the Hyde Park entrance to South St towards Centre St, when the crosswalks are all blocked off (such as when they do night work)? I cross at Hyde Park/New Washington/Washington and then have to walk along side new washington (parallel to the southwest corridor). This area is isolated because of the tall grass which blocks visibility from the street, and especially in the evenings feels a bit unsafe. Any good alternatives? See all our Casey Overpass/Casey Arborway coverage here.

A worker removes debris from the corner of the Jackson Square Stop & Shop where a vehicle crashing into it on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

Pedestrian Hurt as SUV Rams Corner of Stop & Shop

Workers were clearing away the debris mid-day Thursday from a vehicle hitting the corner of the Jackson Square Stop & Shop. WHDH reports that a pedestrian was transported to a hospital. Universal Hub reports the injuries were minor and the ambulance trip was precautionary. At the scene around 1 p.m., workers were clearing away a wrecked bicycle and other debris from outside the 315 Centre St. grocery store.


Random Stilt Walker

Carlos G., recreational stilt walker, Green Street, May 20, 2015. Credit: Chris Helms

You might see former JP resident Carlos G. traversing the old neighborhood on his recreational stilts. He tells Jamaica Plain News he had to move to Dedham but gets back to JP whenever he can. Here's bonus video of Carlos in action along Green Street:

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Pedestrians cross New Washington at South, where there is no crosswalk, on Wednesday, May 13, 2015.

It’s a Mess For Pedestrians at South and New Washington

UPDATE: That cut-through will be fenced off as the T moves the 39 Bus. We've added more details below. ~~~~~

It's a commonplace of road design: Pedestrians will make their own paths, no matter what authorities envision. That's what's happening in the current phase of the Casey Arborway project at the busy intersection where South meets New Washington. Department of Transportation engineers want pedestrians coming from South Street or the Southwest Corridor Park on their way to Forest Hills Station to juke around the intersection instead of crossing directly at New Washington.

Jonathan Kapust, right, head highway engineer for the Casey Arborway, explains a design feature to JP's Jake Hart before a Thursday, May 7, 2015 construction meeting.

Maps: How to Get Through Forest Hills By Foot, Bike or Car

On Thursday, transportation officials broke down exactly how residents would get through Forest Hills during the next phase of the Casey Arborway project. Here are maps and explanations for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers once lane closures begin on Saturday. The inbound lane of the Casey (going toward the Pond) will be shunted to a temporary surface road on Saturday. Then the following Saturday the outbound lane (toward Morton Street) will get the same treatment. The basic patterns created then will largely stay in place for months as workers dismantle the crumbling overpass.


Proposal: Make Murray Circle Into Two Roundabouts

Proposal for changes to Murray Circle. Credit: Toole Design Group
A historic overhaul of the Arborway could be in the works, with the aim of improving pedestrian and bike safety. This week the Department of Conservation and Recreation held two public meetings at the Arboretum where a design firm put out a "starter idea" that's sure to get Jamaica Plain talking: Take the big rotary where Centre meets the Arborway and turn it into two roundabouts. That's just one of the big ideas floated this week. Resident Clay Harper attended both meetings and published an informative summary at his "Arborway Matters" blog.


Egleston Seeks City’s Ear on Traffic, Pedestrian Improvements

Two intersections two blocks apart in Egleston Square have two distinct problems. This was brought to the attention of Acting Boston Transportation Commissioner Jim Gillooly Tuesday afternoon. At a joint meeting of the Egleston Square Neighborhood Association and Egleston Square Main Street, the area was painted as a business district crossroads where traffic signals, vehicular turns, school children crossing to the library, pedestrians walking home and traffic back ups all come together. School Street

School Street, a residential cross-town street with three schools on it, has motorists rushing to catch the Washington Street light. That can endanger children and families who live on the street. "We have some key issues to look at," said Tim Reardon of the Neighborhood Association, who led the tour of residents, city transportation officials, Department of Neighborhood Development staffer Kara Miller and Police Officer Carlos Martinez.

The Boston Transportation Department is installing pedestrian signals at several locations along Centre Street.

Pedestrian Signals Being Installed Along Centre

UPDATE: Here's much more on the city's plans. ~~~~~

Maybe you've noticed the new concrete emplacements at several places along Centre Street. For me, they bring to mind my favorite old Saturday Night Live skit. But thanks to Jamaica Plain News, you won't have to ask, "What the hell is that thing?" They're pedestrian signals.


Arborway Crossing: No Improvements Despite DCR Report

It has been five months and counting since the DCR made public its findings that the Arborway Crossing is dangerous and in need of improvement, but so far nothing--not even a temporary measure--has been done to make the crossing safer. For more information, see Chris Helms' article below, as well as the DCR's report (link below). The DCR can be contacted here:

Arborway Crossing Safety Under Examination Tuesday Night

The DCR's report is viewable here: