11th JP Music Festival on September 9

This year's JP Music Festival being held on Saturday will feature seven hours of continuous music on two stages from 21 local artists and bands. Held at Pinebank Field by Jamaica Pond, the festival is always free to everyone, and there will be something for everyone -- food trucks, activities for kids, bike racks, and dogs (whether they like music or not) are welcome. This year performers include: Aaron and the Lord • The Alchemists • Merrie Amsterburg • Bob Bradshaw Band • Terry Borderline • The Buttercups • Crooked Mowth • DS Scrolls • Epileptic Disco • Evan Greer • Jesse and the Hogg Brothers • Lemonshiners • Ray Liriano •  Matt York and the Hassle-Free Roses • Mamadou • Muzzins • The Roland High life • Sado-Domestics • Sand Machine • The Smack Dabs • Swampanova

The festival starts at noon. Whether you're familiar with the musical acts or not, here's a playlist for you soundcloud.com/jpmusicfestival/sets/jp-music-festival-2023. You can also download a program at jpmusicfestival.com (and there will also be printed copies at the festival).