JP/Rox Transportation Action Plan Meeting on Sept. 19th

There will be a public meeting on Sept. 19th to discuss the Washington Street and Columbus Avenue corridor as it relates to the upcoming Transportation Action Plan that builds on Go Boston 2030 and PLAN: JP/ROX. This is a kickoff meeting during which the scope of the project, an overall update and summary of the transportation component of the PLAN: JP/ROX, will be discussed. There will be future meetings, too. PLAN: JP/ROX is a set of guidelines that will direct future development and improvements to the corridor that connects Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.


BPDA, City Staff Asking Board Members to Approve Plan: JP/Rox

The city released an updated version of the Plan: JP/Rox, including a summary of recent changes, and the Boston Planning & Redevelopment Authority staff will be asking its board to approve the Plan to make it a guiding document for the area. BPDA and city staff are expected to brief BPDA board members at their meeting on Feb. 9th and seek their approval for the plan. This is not a public hearing, but it is open to the public and is being held at City Hall (9th Floor, Room 900). The BPDA board meeting starts at 3:30 pm and the agenda will be posted Tuesday.


PLAN: JP/ROX Public Event on Wednesday Night

The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) will host a public event for residents to learn about the priorities of PLAN: JP/ROX, and for the community to provide comments about the PLAN's recommendations. PLAN: JP/ROX is a study to actively engage the community to create a new vision and plan for the area between Forest Hills, Egleston Square and Jackson Square, generally bounded by Washington Street, Columbus Avenue, and Amory Street, according to the BPDA's website. The plan encompasses approximately 250 acres and more than 6,000 residents. Since July 2015 there have been nine community events, 12 public advisory group meetings and more than 25 small group and stakeholder meetings, according to the BPDA website. The goal of the PLAN is to create recommendations that will be adopted in a subsequent zoning phase that will involve the community.


Stonybrook Neighborhood Group Urges Members to Speak Up About PLAN: JP/ROX

Editor's note: Author Susan Cibulsky is a member of the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association's Washington Street Corridor Subcommittee. PLAN: JP/ROX is about the future of the Washington Street corridor. The Boston Planning and Development Agency’s (BPDA) PLAN: JP/ROX proposes vastly increased density between Forest Hills, Egleston Square, and Jackson Square, which threatens the character, diversity, and quality of life of neighborhoods along Washington Street and Columbus Avenue. Current infrastructure cannot sustain such increased density, yet infrastructure expansion is not accounted for. Moreover, PLAN: JP/ROX does not provide for the creation of enough truly affordable housing. The Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) agrees that Boston needs more housing.