Homage to Pretty Things Beer at Vee Vee

Last week the very popular Somerville-based Pretty Things Beer company announced that is was ending production. The announcement was met with great sadness across the craft brewer industry and from beer fans across the region. So is local restaurant Vee Vee providing homage to beer company by putting a Pretty Beer sign above an exit sign in the South Street restaurant? The sign says "Stay Pretty and Drink Real Beer" -- a Pretty Things Beer sign, and is directly above an exit sign. As of Sunday night the restaurant was still serving St. Botolph's Town, which is a Pretty Things Beer. UPDATE: Vee Vee co-owner Kristen Valachovic posted the following message on Jamaica Plain News' Facebook page in response to this piece:

"The 'Stay Pretty Drink Real Beer' sign over our kitchen door is one of many Pretty Things promo images around the restaurant, including one on the wait station, over the draft list, and even one in the bathroom.