Please Help Purple Cactus Employees’ Families Affected by Earthquake

Four Purple Cactus employees were born and raised in Huamuchil, Mexico. Their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers still live there. On September 7th, Huamuchil wäˈmüˌchēl , a small fishing village (population approx. 2,000) located on the southern coast of the State of Oaxaca, was struck by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake. The people of this village were some of the hardest hit and are in desperate need of shelter, food, and water.


Purple Cactus Donated 100% Revenues Thursday to ACLU, LULAC for Day Without Immigrants

In honor of the national protest movement A Day Without Immigrants, Jamaica Plain restaurant Purple Cactus donated all of Thursday's sales revenues to the local branches of the ACLU and LULAC. Purple Cactus announced its support of A Day Without Immigrants through its Facebook page and also posted signs in its front window and at the register. Several staff members said they were excited when they saw the sign at the register, as were customers as they flowed into the Centre Street business Thursday afternoon. "I was going to consider closing," Marie O'Shea, the owner of Purple Cactus, told Jamaica Plain News. "There wasn't interest [among employees] in not coming to work.

Detail from “Nieli’ka” mural by Mayor’s Mural Crew, 2013 on wall of Purple Cactus

JP Home to Four of Region’s Top 50 Pieces of Public Art

Several pieces of art familiar to anyone from JP made WBUR's list of the top 50 pieces of public art in Greater Boston. We won't spoil all the enjoyment, as scrolling through Greg Cook's well-reasoned list is half the fun. But we were happy to see Rafael Rivera García's epic mural of Taino mythology at No. 20. Click through for Cook's full fifty to find the four that are in JP.


‘I Love This. JP is the Place to Be.’

Each weekday we post a random image from around the neighborhood. Here's Felix De La Cruz' ode to the mural outside Purple Cactus. He says on his Instagram feed, "I love this. JP is the place to be." [selfie]

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JP’s Debo Band Performs in MFA Courtyard on Wednesday, Aug. 20

Well, I've let it get to afternoon again before delivering your Morning Memo, but here's your better-late-than-never edition for Friday, Aug. 8. Get Tickets for JP-Based Debo Band's Outdoor Show at the MFA: Debo Band, which has been getting buzz for its Ethiopian-inspired musical fusion, will headline an concert in the Museum of Fine Arts courtyard on Wednesday, Aug. 20. Seating is limited, so grab your tickets now.