What Happens When You Film JP Faces For 10 Seconds Each? Magic.

What happens when you roam the streets of JP asking strangers to let you video them for 10 seconds with no talking or smiling? It's magical. And a little heart-breaking. That's why Jamaica Plain rocker Rick Berlin used the resulting footage for this video for "Something Breaks My Heart." "I ran around Jamaica Plain, into stores, bars, restaurants, outside, inside and asked friends and people I’d never met to let me film 10 seconds of their face, close-up, not speaking or smiling," Berlin wrote in a email about the video's backstory.


JP Rocker Rick Berlin Debuts ‘I Love My Street’ Video

Jamaica Plain is probably too many things to too many people to have one theme song. But "I Love My Street" by Rick Berlin and the Nickel and Dime Band comes as close as I've heard. Berlin, the neighborhood's best-known musician, loves JP. He loves it down to the school kid flipping a bird out the bus window at a dog. It is one fierce love.