How to Lure House Hunters: Use Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

One local real estate company is using a novel method to lure people to open houses: A free meal from a food truck after visiting the home for sale. "It's definitely brought more people in," said Erik Gould, a partner at Focus Real Estate, which is based in Jamaica Plain. "We had people preregister [for open houses] who said they were going and wanted to verify they were on the list to get Roxy's Grilled Cheese." Gould said that Randal Engelmann, Gould's partner at Focus Real Estate, heard that California real estate companies were teaming with food trucks to lure people to open houses and figured they'd give it a shot -- and it's worked. Last Saturday, the Roxy's Grilled Cheese truck parked in the lot at Curtis Hall close to the featured property, and many house hunters strolled over for their free meal after viewing the home.