Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, D-JP, does the "Running Man" in this still from a video supporting the Transgender Rights Bill, which she sponsored.

Chang-Díaz Doing the Running Man Challenge for the Trans Bill in Massachusetts

State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz and her staff recently got in on the newest viral craze -- the running man challenge -- in celebration of the Massachusetts Senate floor debate scheduled for Thursday to discuss a Transgender Bill. Chang-Diaz is the official sponsor for Massachusetts Bill S.735, "An Act relative to transgender anti-discrimination" that would create "legislation relative to equal access to public places regardless of gender identity." Chang-Díaz tweeted about why she and her team are doing the Running Man Challenge: "Instead of running in place, Sonia Chang-Díaz's office runs toward justice. #TeamSCD does Running Man Challenge in celebration of the Senate's floor debate this Thursday." Check out the video below.