Watch: This Guy Juggled While Running The Sedgwick Slog

The Sedgwick Slog started off organically 11 years ago with only 12 runners from Sedgwick Street. Now it's a block party and this year was kicked off with a police escort. Sedgwick Street resident Dan Janis started the slog, and it's turned into a fun neighborhood four-person relay race with each runner starting down Sedgwick Street, going around Jamaica Pond and back to Sedgwick. This year 10 teams participated. Darren Rosebrugh has been running the slog since 2012, the day after he moved onto Sedgwick Street.

Sedgwick SLOG Group Photo

56 Runners Participate in Fifth Annual Sedgwick SLOG by Vee Vee

The Fifth Annual Sedgwick SLOG, a team running relay race and neighborhood block party organized by the residents of Sedgwick Street, was held on Saturday, September 13. City Councilor Matt O’Malley (who, in addition to being JP’s elected representative, is also a Boston Marathon veteran and general running enthusiast) kicked off the race, together with a police escort from the E-13 precinct. 56 runners took part in the race, each running a three mile loop down Centre Street and around Jamaica Pond. Not only did the winning team of Stefan Lanfer, Sabra Brown, Jeremy Fischer, Carly Grant finish the 12 mile race in an impressive 1 hour, 27 minutes and 10 seconds, it also included JP’s famous joggler, Jeremy Fischer, who juggled during his entire three mile run without dropping a ball. 30 kids ran in the kids race and lego building relay event, and 40 spectators cheered on the teams. The race was sponsored by Vee Vee restaurant on Centre Street.