Tree Mob™! From Solar Power to Flower Power

Danny Schissler, Project Coordinator, Arnold Arboretum, and Brendan Keegan, Arboretum Gardener II, Arnold Arboretum

Location: Weld Hill Solar Array, Arnold Arboretum, 1300 Centre Street, Roslindale
With a projected completion date in fall 2019, the Weld Hill Solar Project represents the Arnold Arboretum’s most ambitious sustainability initiative to date. Comprising nearly 1300 solar panels, the system is capable of producing an estimated 566,409 kWh annually (approximately 30% of the Weld Hill Research Building's total energy load). Working in tandem with the panels, a unique battery storage array reduces peak demand charges, adding additional energy savings. Join Danny Schissler to learn about the photovoltaic system and Brendan Keegan to hear about the initial stages of development of a native plant pollinator meadow within the area of the solar panels. Meet at the solar array behind the Weld Hill Building at 1300 Centre Street, Roslindale.

Solar Installations Workshop

Solar panels have been popping up on rooftops throughout Greater Boston, and with good reason. Solar has always been renewable and free of carbon emissions, and now lower prices and increasing financial incentives make solar affordable for more people. New state programs like Mass Solar Connect and Mass Solar Loan make it easier than ever to get the information and resources you need. Different ownership models—including direct ownership, leases, and power purchase agreements—all have their advantages and disadvantages. This workshop will give you an overview of the different options for solar and will help you understand terms like net metering and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs).

Phone-Charging Smart Bench Coming to Pond This Weekend

Hello neighbors. Here's your Morning Memo for all things JP for Thursday, Aug. 21. Solar Bench to be Installed at Jamaica Pond: This weekend, the brainiacs behind "Soofas," — solar-powered smart benches that charge phones and act as weather stations — will be installing one at the pond. I, for one, am thrilled anytime more public phone-charging stations appear on my walking beat.