GoFundMe Page Raising Money for Sorella’s Employees

A GoFundMe page is raising funds to help Sorella's employees who are losing their jobs due to the restaurant closing at the end of March. The GoFundMe page is scheduled to close on March 31. "As you probably heard Sorella’s is closing. I started a GoFundMe page for employees to help them as they look for new jobs," said Ken Sazama of Sazama Real Estate. "My extended family has gone here for years, Sorella's employees have always been very nice to us, have watched our children grow," wrote Sazama on the GoFundMe page.


Sorella’s Flipping Last Pancakes, Closing at End of Month After 36 Years

One of Jamaica Plain's most beloved restaurants and delicious breakfast spots, Sorella's, will serve up its last batch of French toast at the end of the month. Sorella's was started by two sisters Ellie and Antoinette Bolys in 1983. Thus the name, Sorella's, which means sisters in Italian. Four years ago Ellie passed away and while Antoinette kept Sorella's going, it was tough to keep it running while she also tended to her other restaurant the Dedham Diner. "Aunt Ellie opened it.

Eleanor Elias

Ellie Elias, Co-Founder of Sorella’s, 63

Eleanor "Ellie" Elias who founded Sorella's with her sister Antoinette "Toni" Elias, died Monday. She was 63. The Hyde Square restaurant has become an iconic part of Jamaica Plain. The sisters opened it in 1983, according to the Jamaica Plain Gazette. As the Gazette points out, the name Sorella's means "sisters."