Photos: Construction of the Southwest Corridor Rail Lines from 1980s

The Southwest Corridor rail lines were constructed in the early 1980s. Check out these photos from back then that include construction of the rail lines, English High School, views of downtown, and more. All photos courtesy of the Jamaica Plain Historical Society/Will and Sharlene Cochrane. All photo information provide by Jamaica Plain Historical Society.  


Until Further Notice: DCR Says Ongoing Repairs Happening on Southwest Corridor Bike Path

Starting today, and continuing until further notice, the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) will be repairing the Southwest Corridor Park's bike path.  

DCR repairs will include the removal of cobblestone strips and path resurfacing from 6 am to 4:30 pm. The bike path will remain open for the duration of work, and detours may be in effect. Where applicable, DCR is advising users to walk on adjacent sidewalks, and that cyclists should dismount and walk bicycles. DCR said the schedule and scope of repairs will be posted on its website, and updated on an ongoing basis.

Southwest Corridor Park between Green and Stony Brook stations, April 2014

Mass Ave to Forest Hills: State Making Southwest Corridor Park Safety and Accessibility Enhancements

The Department of Conservation and Recreation began making safety and accessibility enhancements along the Southwest Corridor from Massachusetts Avenue to Forest Hills on Monday. The paths will still be rideable and walkable. The scope of work will include improvements to asphalt paths, repairs to concrete path segments, and intersection improvements, including removal of cobblestones. Crews will work on the corridor as late as the construction season allows due to weather. There will be detours and one path will remain open on dual-path segments, and users can walk on adjacent sidewalk on single-path segments.


Jamaica Plain Has A Brand New Skatepark — And It’s Already Been Graffitied

There hasn't even been an official grand opening for Jamaica Plain's renovated skate park on the Southwest Corridor, and it's already been graffitied. Skateboarders quickly took to the newly renovated skatepark between Oakdale and Amory streets. Before being closed the skatepark had makeshift skate ramps made through the years, but now the skatepark has smooth curves all around it with a landing area for skateboarders, non-motorized scooters, rollerbladers, bicyclists, and more. The renovations cost $75,000, with the Department of Conservation and Recreation providing $50,000 on top of $25,000 from Converse and Wheels of Steel.


Videos: Check Out This Crazy Cool Caterpillar Seen in Jamaica Plain

Check out the "antennae" on this crazy cool looking caterpillar scene on the Southwest Corridor! This sycamore tussock moth caterpillar was seen on the Southwest Corridor by Jamaica Plain resident Jenny Nathans on August 7. Don't worry they're native to Canada, the northeast, and down to Mexico. You'll notice the caterpillars have yellow-orange heads and bodies covered with hair, and they can grow to approximately 25–35 mm in length, according to wikipedia. The larvae (caterpillar) have two pairs of long, orange hair-pencils and two pairs of white hair-pencils towards the front of their body, which can be seen in the videos..