After Public Outcry, St. Clare Sisters Decide Not to Raze Monastery

Many people were upset in March after news broke that the Poor Sisters of St. Clare proposed to sell their monastery for it to be razed and the property redeveloped. After hearing that people didn't want the monastery to be razed, the nuns decided to not follow through with that plan. That plan was to sell the property to Holland Development, which would've built 26 townhouses. With that plan scrapped, the nuns' attorney Marc LaCasse told Jamaica Plain News that while the nuns are no longer pursuing that plan, they do intend to sell the property.


St. Clare Sisters Want to Demolish, Sell Monastery for Developer to Build Townhouses

The Poor Sisters of St. Clare have filed an application to demolish their monastery at 920 Centre St., and then would sell the property to a developer to build townhouses. The Boston Landmarks Commission (BLC) received an application to demolish the monastery located next to the Arnold Arboretum by Murray Circle, and BLC staff has 10 calendar days to make a determination about historical, architectural, cultural, or urban design significance. If you have input about the significance of this property, please send your feedback to before 5 pm on March 10, 2022. The application states that the Poor Sisters want to demolish the property, and can do so under the freedom of religion provided to them by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.