Joey McIntyre’s New Video Brings Him Back to The Footlight Club & Jamaica Plain

Joey McIntyre's new video Own This Town begins where his theatrical career started -- The Footlight Club. Before he was hangin' tough with the New Kids On The Block, McIntyre was in several shows in our beloved neighborhood's community theater. After all, he grew up in Jamaica Plain, and his mother was in Footlight performances for decades. His video starts off in The Footlight Club, where they filmed in recent weeks. Then he takes a car ride through Jamaica Plain, clearly reminiscing as many of our local spots are shown -- Costello's Tavern, J.P. Licks, the Soldier's Monument, St Thomas Aquinas Parish, and the post office.


Man Stabbed in Torso on South Street

A man found wounded outside St. Thomas Aquinas Church told police a mugger had stabbed him several blocks away. Police Officer Rachel McGuire said the department got a radio call at 9:35 p.m. Thursday for a stabbing. The victim told cops a man approached him as if to rob him in front of a store at South and Rosemary. There was a tussle and the man said he felt a pain.