Congressman Lynch on Russian Aggression Towards Ukraine

Congressman Stephen Lynch recently led a hearing to examine Russia's possible invasion of Ukraine. Russia recently brought 150,000 troops to Ukraine's borders, which President Joe Biden spoke about on Feb. 15. Lynch is the chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security, and led the hearing the same day. “By holding Ukraine hostage unless the United States and NATO surrender to his demands, President Putin threatens the fundamental principles of sovereignty, self-determination, and territorial integrity, that have helped to preserve global peace and security and that form the basis of the rules-based international order,” said Lynch.  “[It] is in our strategic and national security interests to help support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and President Biden has been absolutely clear that if Russian troops cross over the border, the United States will respond decisively and impose swift and severe consequences.”
The Committee heard testimony from Michael McFaul, Director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University and former U.S. Ambassador to the Russian Federation; Lieutenant General (ret.) Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Analysis and former Commanding General of U.S. Army Europe; Dr. Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Director of the Transatlantic Security Program at the Center for a New American Security; and the Richard Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence.


Social Media Recap: Insurrection, Mayoral Vacancy, Climate Change Bill and More

Since Jan. 6's attempted coup at the Capitol a lot has happened in Washington DC, and at our state capital. Our Congressional representatives impeached the president, and our local state officials fought for a climate change bill vetoed by the governor. This is the last week in social media. Both of Jamaica Plain's Congressional Representatives Ayanna Pressley and Stephen Lynch voted to impeach President Trump for inciting insurrection.