Stony Brook T Sunrise

Good Morning, #JamaicaPlain! #DevotionToADream #Phish no more promises that no one could keep/ no more lies to keep us from sleep/ no more phone calls when you don't say what you mean/ I've got faith in a fairytale, devotion to a dream/ it's today the vows are broken/ it's today the charade is over/ it's today the curtain's coming down/ now the battle-lines are chosen/ it's today my eyes are open/ it's today the time to turn around/ no more knowing glances or places we can hide/ no more chances to keep this thing alive/ the two of us together it wasn't in the grand scheme/ all it was was a fairytale and devotion to a dream/ devotion to a dream/ no more promises no more keeping score/ no more wondering what I stay here for/ we broke the awkward silence with polite and practiced lies/ while images occupied our minds/ an uneventful voyage that stranded us upstream/ all it was was a fairytale and devotion to a dream/ devotion to a dream/ yesterday my path was chosen/ yesterday my smile was frozen/ yesterday my doors were closing down/ tomorrow I can cross the border/ it's today a new world-order/ yesterday my will was broken down/ I'll ignore where this is leading/ tomorrow glaciers are receding/ now I'm mending things I broke inside/ A photo posted by Edward Byrne (@setbreakstagram) on Feb 12, 2015 at 3:55am PST

Edward Byrne caught this epic sunrise at Stony Brook Station. He Instagrams as Setbreakstagram. Each weekday we post a “Photo of the Day” from around the neighborhood. If you have a photo that screams (or even whispers) "Jamaica Plain," here are four ways to nominate it:

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The Jamaica Plain portion of the Orange Line, as seen on a subway car map.

Yes, Orange Line Trains *Are* Running From Forest Hills

The MBTA had originally said that Tuesday rail service from Forest Hills would be like Monday's — AKA nada. But as of Tuesday morning, a reduced number of trains are making the trip from Forest Hills as far as Sullivan Square. The T's "Winter" page indicates Green Line trolleys still aren't running to JP. You'll have bus replacement service along the E line from Heath to Symphony on Tuesday. The Orange Line news wasn't widely publicized at first, as evidenced by this Tweet:

#OrangeLine running and basically empty to FH?

File photo: An inbound Orange Line train between Green and Stony Brook. April 2014.

No Subway or Trolley Service for JP on Monday

The beleaguered MBTA won't run subways on the Orange Line or the E-line trolley in Jamaica Plain on Monday. Instead, there'll be bus service from Forest Hills to Back Bay and from Heath Street to Northeastern. For more details, see the "Winter" page on the T's website. The T didn't run at all on Sunday during the most recent blizzard.

Police responding to Stony Brook T, Monday, July 7

Police Issue Alert After Two Muggings Near Stony Brook T

On Friday, police in Jamaica Plain sent out a list of tips to make yourself less likely to become a crime victim. The community alert was sparked by an armed robbery on Wednesday and an attempted armed robbery on Thursday. Both of the incidents took place as people walked home from Stony Brook Station, police wrote in their alert. Here are a few of the tips:

Be alert of your surroundings and the people around you. Avoid walking alone and trust your instincts.

Table for crime on the Orange Line, from MBTA Police report comparing first six months of 2013 and 2014

Orange Line Crime Stays Roughly Level For Most Serious Incidents

While the most serious crime categories fell slightly across the entire T in the first six months of 2014 as compared to that period in 2013, they edged slightly up on the Orange Line. You can dig into the numbers in the full Transit Police report embedded below. (If the embed doesn't work on your device, here's a link to the report.)


Orange Line "Part I" crime -- firearm and knife assaults, rape, arson and other serious incidents -- ticked up slightly from 97 to 99 incidents. Serious assaults nearly doubled from 10 to 19 while robberies fell from 37 to 23. Simple assaults, which are "Part II" crimes, plummeted from 73 to 54.