The Jamaica Plain News Guide to Washington Street

As the Boston Redevelopment Authority's "Plan JP/ROX: Preserve. Enhance. Grow" kicks off at an open house on Tuesday at Brookside Community Health Center, here's a primer on Washington Street. Whatever the  name "Plan JP/ROX" means  to the BRA public relations office, in reality this is the long advocated and awaited planning process for the Washington Street corridor from Forest Hills to Egleston Square. Privately built as a 35-mile toll road from Dudley Square to Providence in 1806, Washington Street became a free public way in 1857. The focus of the planning process is a 6,724 foot segment of this thoroughfare from the Casey Arborway to Egleston Square.


Some Oppose Restaurant for ‘Barlett Square 2’ Development

After a false start in March, Maple Hurst Builders came back to the community again on Wednesday evening with a fresh proposal for the vacant lot opposite Green Street from their 2012 development, Bartlett Square 1. Called Bartlett Square 2, it would be a four-story building with 15 apartments over ground floor office and commercial spaces, including a restaurant to be called "Havana Pete's." JP developer Chris DeSisto presented his plans at an Article 80 Small Project Review, a requirement for the five zoning variances he requires before construction can begin. DeSisto said that Bartlett Square 2 would be all rental so that Maple Hurst "could have a revenue stream for other projects." Maple Hurst, through its subsidiary 2 Bartlett Square LLC, would own and manage the new building and the businesses.


Do You Know This Alleged Scooter Thief?

Do you know this guy? He stole our scooter in broad daylight on Plainfield Street in JP at 12:40 p.m. on June 18. More photos and contact email here:

JP Scooter Thief

[Editor's note: We at first hesitated to publish this item, which comes from a community member. However, if you click through to the link there are further photos of the theft in progress showing a man who matches the appearance of the person pictured above.]

101 Brookley Road Breaks Ground…Finally

One of the largest development projects in the history of the Stonybrook neighborhood is underway. But, as the Gazette reports, the builder might not have city approval for the work they've begun. Buildex Real Estate Ventures has begun construction of two wood-frame three family condominium  buildings at 93 and 97 Brookley Road. The 1.8 acre parcel - the largest in the residential neighborhood - has quite a history. It was the site of Forest Hills Nursing Home, built in 1964.


National Grid Investigates Gas Odor on McBride Street

If you've wondered what those utility crews have been doing on McBride Street, we've got the answer. National Grid is investigating reported gas odors in the area. They've ruled out leaks from nearby houses, according to Danielle Horn, spokesperson for the company. Crews are making street excavations to test the pipelines. If you smell gas, you can report it to National Grid via 1-800-233-5325.


Letter: Stonybrook Neighborhood Association Has No Position on Development at Former Fried Chicken Place

Dear Editor,

We would like to clarify the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association’s position on the project at 3383-3389 Washington St. (Feb. 9, Neighborhood Committee Okays Fried Chicken Place's Mixed-Use Transformation). Specifically, we have no position. The developers may have met with individual SNA members but the SNA has not negotiated the details of this project in any official capacity, and does not support a statement such as “We’re very much in favor of this project.”

This statement was made by an individual who is a member of the SNA (having owned property within our boundaries) but is not an official spokesperson.

Plan for 3383-3389 Washington St., former home of Royal Fried Chicken.

Neighborhood Committee Okays Fried Chicken Place’s Mixed-Use Transformation

A stretch of Washington Street most famous as the former home of Royal Fried Chicken has taken two more steps toward becoming 21 apartments and two new retail spaces. The plan for 3383-3389 Washington St. won approval Wednesday from the zoning committee of the JP Neighborhood Council. In late January, the project passed muster with the Boston Redevelopment Authority, according to the Gazette. But not all the red tape is done.


Goodbye Fried Chicken, Hello Penthouses

When it rains it pours on Union Avenue. A month after a contentious public meeting about one 20-unit mixed use development at Washington and Green Streets, a second one is proposed about two blocks away at 3383-3389 Washington Street. But rainbows hovered over the latter at the Boston Redevelopment Authority Small Project Review hearing last Thursday as many of the same Union Avenue residents who opposed the first were positive about the second. Boston Property Development proposes a four-story building with 21 apartments and two ground-floor commercial spaces on a 17,000 square foot lot wedged between Schell Printing and Express Pizza opposite the BMS retail warehouse. The $3.5 million dollar development would feature a fourth-floor penthouse set back from the lower floors.