Slainte Fellow Gaels We’ll Forget Thee Not

In honor of Memorial Day, our Photo of the Day comes from Tollgate Cemetery in Forest Hills. This little-known cemetery is the resting place primarily of Irish soldiers who fought in the Civil War. An inscription at the main monument reads, in part, "'Slainte' Fellow Gaels We'll Forget Thee Not." Here's more on the cemetery, which is looking much better these days thanks to the efforts of volunteers. Here are four ways to nominate a "Photo of the Day":

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Toll Gate Cemetery. March 2014.

Photo of the Day: April 15

Each weekday we post a random image from our travels around the neighborhood. Today's image comes from Tollgate Cemetery, which many neighborhood residents aren't even aware exists. It's primarily a graveyard for Irish soldiers who died in the Civil War. The cemetery is beside the T tracks parallel to Hyde Park Avenue going into Roslindale. If you have a photo to nominate, email me at chris@jamaicaplainnews or tag a picture on Twitter with @02130News and I'll know it's fair game for "Photo of the Day."