BPS Supporting Students’ Choice to Participate in 17-Minute Walkout to Honor 17 Parkland Shooting Victims

Many Boston Public School students are expected to participate in a nationwide 17-minute walkout on March 14th -- the one-month anniversary of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In Boston, public schools are holding the "BPS Day of Observance: #Enough," which will include classroom-based activities to provide students opportunities to express their feelings, views and concerns. Students or their parents may choose to opt out of participating in the events -- if a parent provides a written note or email. Superintendent Tommy Chang informed BPS parents about the planned walkout and day of observance through a letter. While he recognizes that students will choose to walkout and leave schools grounds, with some heading to the State House to participate in a planned protest, he also encouraged students to remain at schools and participate in the scheduled events.


Schools Superintendent Nixes Plan to Alter Start and End Times for 2018

After hearing from many disgruntled parents, staff and stakeholders, Boston Public Schools Superintendent Tommy Chang announced the plan to change start and end times for the 2018-2018 school year has been cancelled. The Boston School Committee approved the plan earlier this month to alter start and end times, which quickly drew criticism, and forced BPS to holding citywide meetings about the plan. The biggest issue with the plan was that many elementary schools would've started at least two hours earlier than 2017-2018. In Jamaica Plain alone the Hennigan, Manning and Mission Hill K-8 School would've started at least two hours earlier in the 2018-2019 school year compared to 2017-2018. The JFK school would've started more than an hour earlier. The schools would've also ended earlier.