Check Out This Smoky Grey Turkey

Many of us have seen wild turkeys roam around Jamaica Plain. But how many of us have seen a smoky grey turkey? Recently, Rosetta Martini has seen a flock of turkeys by her home in the Forest Hills area, and one poult (a baby turkey) has a distinctive look to it -- smoky grey. According to, turkeys come in five different colors. The commonly seen color is chestnut.


Turkeys Take Over Centre Street

What is this Brookline?? Turkeys are becoming more and more brazen by the day in Jamaica Plain, and on Sunday they were spotted just strolling down the middle of Centre Street. Sue O'Connell tweeted the following photo after witnessing the fine feathered brigade strutting along JP's main thoroughfare.


Newest Sumner Hill Residents: Turkeys Moving In?

Turkeys are not a common sight in Jamaica Plain. They're more of a Brookline thing. But several turkeys were seen the other day in Sumner Hill. Jamaica Plain News reader Karla Vallance shared the above photo from neighbor Rita Lee on JP News' Facebook page on August 8. It looks like there were two adults and one baby, also known as a poult or chick.