Opetubo’s ‘Wallpaper’ Exhibit Now on Display at Jamaica Plain Branch Library

A new exhibit featuring the work of Boston-based artist Bosede A. Opetubo is now on display at the Jamaica Plain Branch Library. Opetubo is a self-taught artist who works with photography, installation, collage, and digital media. Her work explores the lives of women and what she sees as “the small choices that come to define us.”
The exhibit is displaying her recent digital collage series titled “Wallpaper,” inspired by her own experiences with pregnancy and motherhood, as well as themes of domesticity and identity. The project began as a paper sculpture installation in the artist’s home, and expanded into drawings and digital illustrations, with imagery that veers into abstraction merging human silhouettes with expanses of crumbled-up multicolored papers, at times resembling mountain ranges and at others, fallen leaves, according to a press release. Opetubo invites viewers of the exhibit to “join me on this overwhelming, necessary, and maddening journey that, as a parent, I try to find beauty and purpose in.”
Bosede A. Opetubo: Wallpaper is on view through November 1, 2023. The library is open Monday-Wednesday 10-6, Thursday 12-8, and Friday 9-5, and Saturday 9-2 (closed Sundays).


Nosenko ‘I’m Glad You’ve Left’ Exhibit Opens at Jamaica Plain Library March 2

Photographer Yana Nosenko's solo exhibition I’m Glad You’ve Left opens at the Jamaica Plain Branch Library on March 2. Nosenko's exhibit explores immigration, displacement, nomadism, and familial separation, reflecting on her own experiences growing up within a Kazakh family living in Russia, and now living in the U.S. for the past few years with limited ability to travel outside the country, according to a press release. “I’ve been told that no one leaves home from an excess of happiness and comfort. One leaves, because it’s not possible to remain," said Nosenko. Her color photography reveals quiet interiors with unexpected details, nostalgic portraits, and a wistful atmosphere.


Bucklaew’s ‘Winter Landscapes’ Exhibit at Jamaica Plain Branch Library

Jamaica Plain printmaker Quenby Bucklaew's Winter Landscapes solo exhibition is the first art show at the Jamaica Plain Library for 2023. Bucklaew has been inspired by her world travels, and utilizes bold shapes, a limited use of color, and tactile qualities resulting from a mixture of printmaking techniques. She captures her own ephemeral impressions of place and time, as well as the emotional impact they can have. Winter Landscapes includes travel-inspired prints from 2019, as well as new pieces created since the pandemic when she found inspiration in her own neighborhood by exploring the natural beauty of Jamaica Plain, and especially Jamaica Pond. Her multilayered compositions feature stark, snowy expanses punctuated by spindly tree branches, blurry city skylines, and the calm, reflective spread of the pond, all marked by the textured detail of woodblock and collagraph printing.