Check Out These Valentine’s Deals in Jamaica Plain

Special meals, special beers, cookies, pies, locally made chocolates, and flowers -- just a few ways to celebrate Valentine's Day. Here are several deals to celebrate Valentine's Day in Jamaica Plain! Monumental Market is selling four special dessert selections: heart-shaped cookies, chocolate mousse cups, conversation cakes, or a dozen heart-shaped sugar cookies. Order online or in-store for a pickup Thursday through Sunday. The conversation cakes are 4-inch cakes with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet with a customer messages (or baker's choice).


Customers Fill Up Ula Cafe ‘Pay It Forward’ Wall With Kindness

The new owners of Ula Cafe know one of the main tenets of Jamaica Plain -- giving back to others. With that in mind they created their own Pay It Forward wall, and it's been a huge success. Last month Kelly Fernandes, Marvin Mathelier, and Beth Santos took over as co-owners of the popular neighborhood cafe. On Ula's Facebook page, they explained the wall. "Here's the concept: If you have extra cash, buy something for a neighbor and we'll post it on the Pay It Forward wall.


Random Act of Kindness: Keys Fall in Drain, Stranger Rescued Them

Alyssa Rubin's keys fell down an 8-foot deep drain in the Ula Cafe parking lot, and after asking for recommendations on Facebook on how to fetch them, a random stranger retrieved them -- posting a photo of the rescued keys on her post! On Veterans Day, Rubin posted on the Everything Free JP Facebook page: "ISO of fishing line and hook..or some other mechanism to get my keys out of the 8ft drain in the Ula parking any ideas?" People made lots of good suggestions -- contact the city, call 311, get a super strong magnet, and someone said they were nearby and offered fishing line. Todd Consentino had a better idea. Consentino said he had a strong magnet and he'd be there soon.

The patio outside Ula Cafe

Ula Cafe to Start Serving Beer on Tuesday

As of Tuesday, Ula Cafe will begin serving beer, according to the popular spot's newsletter. Back in January, the coffee shop and bakery won city approval to serve beer and wine while Tres Gatos upgraded to a full liquor license, according to Future Boston. Ula's owner, Korinn Koslofsky, previously told Jamaica Plain News the license will help support their open mic nights. "We are very excited to have this opportunity to finally be able to provide beer and wine to our very loyal guests who have been asking for it for years," she wrote in an email to Jamaica Plain News, "and we can't express how grateful we are for all of their support during this process. We would not have been granted this license if it hadn't been for all of the signatures and letters of support we were able to collect over the past few months."