Swastika carved into a Wenham Street recycling bin on Thursday, Nov. 10, 2016.

Swastika Cut Into Recycling Bin on Wenham Street

Someone appears to have carved a swastika into a recycling cart on Wenham Street Thursday, according to the resident whose bin was vandalized. Jamaica Plain News is not naming the person victimized, but she agreed to share her story. She told a Facebook group that her family - which is Jewish - has no reason to believe it was directed at them. It feels personal all the same, she told the private Facebook group. "Please be vigilant and let's look out for one another," the Forest Hills resident wrote.


Police Alert: Car Vandalism Spikes in JP

Boston Police issued a community alert on Monday that there has been an uptick in vandalism to motor vehicles. Here's their message, along with tips to keep your ride from becoming a target. "Your neighborhood has reported an increase in vandalism to motor vehicles. Although, we do have officers that patrol in the JP Centre and South area, and officers perform walking patrols in these areas on a routine basis, we need your assistance. We believe that the most important way to reduce these types of incidents is with community awareness and involvement.