Throwback Thursday Photo of the Day: Secret Squirrel Edition

Yes, it's the famous Albino Squirrel of Jamaica Pond. Interrobang Letterpress captured this photo of the little guy back in 2008. He (or she?) has become an iconic figure: the albino squirrel of Jamaica Pond. Interrobang Press shared this 2008 photo of the famous rodent to the Jamaica Plain News Photo Pool on Flickr. The secret squirrel has entered local logo lore as the symbol of the Jamaica Plain Music Festival.

The White Squirrel of Jamaica Pond, circa August 2007

Throwback Thursday: The White Squirrel of Jamaica Pond

Each weekday we post a random image from around the neighborhood. On Thursdays we reach into the photo archive of the Jamaica Plain Historical Society. Today we've got a real gem. Remember the Albino Squirrel of Jamaica Pond? This famous furry denizen lives on as the symbol of the JP Music Festival.