Proposed Retail Marijuana Business Reps Making Rounds to Neighborhood Orgs

The management team for the proposed retail marijuana business that wants to go into the old Milky Way spot on Centre Street will be speaking at two neighborhood groups in the next week. Core Empowerment's leadership has been performing its due diligence to inform the public about its proposed retail store/social justice museum. Representatives have been meeting with neighborhood groups, including the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association in October. "Things have been going well. We continue to get local support for the project, so we're thrilled by the reception," said Core's Chief Operating Officer Tomas Gonzales to Jamaica Plain News.


First Look: Proposals Emerge From Giant ‘Plan JP/Rox’ Effort

The once-in-a-generation planning effort that goes by the name "Plan JP/Rox" has started to produce specifics about what our neighborhood will look like. "We've listened to you. Now it's time to respond to you with your ideas wrapped up into planning policies," announced senior BRA architect John Dalzell at a packed Saturday morning workshop,  the fifth in a series which began in September 2015 to plan the future of the Washington Street corridor from Forest Hills to Jackson Square. Because there's so much information to digest, we've broken down this report into several posts. You can read about overarching concerns here in this story.


‘A Wasteland to Walk On’ — Residents Envision a Better Washington, Columbus

"Connecting people with places" was the theme of the fourth workshop in the Plan JP/Rox held on Thursday at English High School. Of all the workshops in of the planning process this was most egalitarian; low income or high income, hotel maid or money manager, everyone uses the sidewalks, the streets or some form of transit to get to work, to school and home. It was also the most interactive and personal; over 100 sat around tables and marked on maps how they get around their neighborhood to their special places or how they got to that night's meeting. "Mobility. Getting around.

At left is the home of State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, D-Jamaica Plain. Neighbor Brian Wells, of 64 Orchardhill Road, on the right, sued her family over a third-floor renovation. Monday, July 20, 2015.

Senator Says Architect Goofed on Height of Lawsuit-Spurring Renovation

State Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz, while adamant that she did not use her influence to cut through city red tape on a disputed renovation of her Forest Hills home, said Monday her architect admits he drew up the addition to be too tall. The revelation came amid a detailed conversation Monday with Chang-Díaz and her husband, Bryan Hirsch, on the back patio at 3-5 Bremen Terrace. Next-door neighbor Brian Wells sued the couple in April, claiming the project they'd proposed to the neighborhood wasn't the one actually being built. The parties agreed to a settlement in June. The case was scheduled to be heard by the city's Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday morning. The settlement, among other points, calls for Chang-Díaz and Hirsch to chop 14 inches off the existing roofline, which would result in an overall shortening of the house by seven inches.


City to End Half-Century Wait for a Master Plan

Mayor Marty Walsh has launched the first city-wide planning effort since 1965. As anyone involved with the politics of development knows, these days projects pretty much get considered one-by-one. The effort will ramp up over the next few years, leading to a blueprint for what the city should be like in 2030. The city has a fancy new Web site devoted to the effort. If you Tweet, the city wants folks to use #ImagineBos.