Is Someone ‘Stealing’ Books From JP’s Little Free Libraries??

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You know those Little Free Libraries around Jamaica Plain, like the one at the corner of South and Bardwell streets near Curtis Hall? Well, a JP resident wrote to Jamaica Plain News wondering if someone is taking books from a local Little Free Library to sell them.

A Little Free Library near Rossmore and Stedman streets.

Maria Gonzalez said she found a note on the door of a Little Free Library "in the 200's of Chestnut Avenue." The note said a man who doesn't live in the area is driving to the Little Free Library "almost every day and mostly takes all the books. We think he is a used-books seller. The Little Free Library is now almost always empty. What should we do?"

Gonzalez says the note writer left space for suggestions about how to combat the issue of one person taking too many books from a Little Free Library. She added that the Little Free Library on Pond Street is also usually empty.

For what it's worth, Jamaica Plain News has noticed that Little Free Libraries on Greenough Avenue, Revere Street and the Arborway have had books on their shelves in recent weeks.

But seriously, how do you stop someone from taking too many books from a Little Free Library? Would a sign saying "Please take just one book" suffice?