It’s Now Called Tokava Coffee

Martin and Natalie Gaida recently changed the name of their coffee shop to Tokava Coffee from its previous namesake 7 Pond Coffee Bar. Of course they're still located at 7 Pond Street. Martin recently answered questions about why they changed the name of the business, The Coffee Trike, seasonal beverages, and more. Q: You purchased the business a few months before COVID. What was it like those few months before COVID, and what has it been like since?


Jamaica Plain Duo Start Roundhead Brewing After Meeting on Youth Soccer Fields

Jamaica Plain residents Craig Panzer and Luis Espinoza are currently offering community investment opportunities for their new venture Roundhead Brewing. But where the two met is probably the last place they thought they'd meet their future business partner -- the JP Youth Soccer fields. "Our sons joke that we need to frame their youth soccer jerseys for the brewery walls," joked Panzer, who has lived in JP for 15 years. Espinoza has lived in JP for 10 years. They expect Roundhead Brewing to open in Hyde Park later this year in August or September.


Canary Square Restaurant Reopens

Back in December, the Canary Square restaurant sadly announced it was closing temporarily after getting hit by the effects of the pandemic. But after being closed for 110 days the business has now reopened. "With the decline in infection numbers in MA and a steady rollout of the vaccine made us feel comfortable to begin the long process of restarting the 'heart' of the restaurant," said owner Michael Moxley to Jamaica Plain News. "Assembling a team will take some time as well so we fired everything back up and we are gonna cautiously crawl out of the gate. We are happy to be back.


Outdoor Dining Begins March 22 in Boston

Let's hope Boston sees a lot of warm days starting next week as outdoor dining will begin March 22, which is earlier than initially planned. The city has received more than 434 applications of which at least 215 have been approved. Last year more than 550 requests for outdoor dining were granted with 415 on public property. According to the city's website, eight Jamaica Plain restaurants have been approved for outdoor dining: Brassica Kitchen and Cafe; Brendan Behan Pub; Casa Verde; Jeanie Johnston; Little Dipper; Monumental Market; Soup Shack JP; and Tres Gatos. Outdoor dining was initially planned to begin April 1.


Top Mix Bar and Kitchen JP to Bring American-Caribbean Fusion Menu to Hyde Square

Joseph Correia is looking forward to providing a distinct American-Caribbean fusion menu to his new restaurant, Top Mix Bar and Kitchen JP, in Hyde Square later this year. "We plan to provide a comfortable, fun, and unique environment for all patrons to come and enjoy amazing food, along with uniquely mixed spirits, beer, and wine," said Correia, owner and manager, to Jamaica Plain News. "As suggested by our name Top Mix, we provide what we consider 'traditional bar food but with a twist' that appeals to every and all types of customer tastes." The restaurant will be opening at 365 Centre St., which was most recently occupied by The Frogmore restaurant, which closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Correia hopes to open the second quarter of 2021.