New Open Mic at The Jeanie Johnston Starts July 29

Starting July 29th, Novaiden Comedy will be hosting an open mic every Thursday night at the Jeanie Johnston Pub. Sign up sheet will go out at 7 pm. Performances will run from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. All performers are allotted 3-minute sets. or 5-minute sets with proof of food or drink purchase.


Off Into Space: Little Dipper JP Shuts Down Operations

Jamaica Plain will no longer have a space themed diner after Little Dipper JP announced it will no longer be serving brunch on weekends. The diner, which had model rockets hanging from its ceiling, had been open for weekend brunch, but in a Facebook post on its page, they said they'll be stopping serving on the weekends due to staffing and other challenges. The diner opened July 2018, taking over for the popular Centre Street Cafe. The restaurant has cajun, southern and southwestern influence, and menu items include the Thor, a breakfast sandwich with an over-easy egg, aioli, served on a house-made English muffin. There will still be food served out of the spot as two pop-ups currently operating out of Little Dipper -- Comfort Kitchen and Be Okay Bagels., will continue that as they plan on opening up their own brick-and mortar restaurants.


Customers Fill Up Ula Cafe ‘Pay It Forward’ Wall With Kindness

The new owners of Ula Cafe know one of the main tenets of Jamaica Plain -- giving back to others. With that in mind they created their own Pay It Forward wall, and it's been a huge success. Last month Kelly Fernandes, Marvin Mathelier, and Beth Santos took over as co-owners of the popular neighborhood cafe. On Ula's Facebook page, they explained the wall. "Here's the concept: If you have extra cash, buy something for a neighbor and we'll post it on the Pay It Forward wall.

Rendering of proposed development at 3478 Washington St.

No Bites Yet for Small Grocery in Doyle’s Block Redevelopment

When neighbors discuss what businesses they want, grocery stores are a perennial favorite. And that's the plan for the re-development of the Doyle's block: A small grocery store, in addition to a new restaurant and condos. So far, however, no grocer has agreed to move in to what would be a 4,178 square-foot space at the corner of Washington and Gartland. That doesn't trouble Lee Goodman, the JP native who's heading up the renovations. Goodman told Jamaica Plain News he'd sent the plans to six or eight grocers.


It’s Now Called Tokava Coffee

Martin and Natalie Gaida recently changed the name of their coffee shop to Tokava Coffee from its previous namesake 7 Pond Coffee Bar. Of course they're still located at 7 Pond Street. Martin recently answered questions about why they changed the name of the business, The Coffee Trike, seasonal beverages, and more. Q: You purchased the business a few months before COVID. What was it like those few months before COVID, and what has it been like since?