Serenity Apartments Sells for $123 Million on South Huntington Avenue

A high-end luxury apartment building on South Huntington Avenue, which has drawn the ire of local neighborhood organizations, has been sold for $123 million. Oxford Properties Group has bought Serenity Apartments at 101 South Huntington Ave. for $123.35 million, according to The apartment building has 195 units, 15-stories and 2,100 sq. ft.


$1,185,000: That’s How Much One Unit Condo in a Triple Decker Sold For in JP

A single condo on one floor of a triple decker on Carolina Avenue recently sold for $1,185,000. That's what the third floor sold for after being listed for $1,150,000 by Arborview Realty. The first-floor unit sold for a shade less than $1 million, at its listing price of $995,000. The second floor unit is under agreement for $1,075,000. That's a total of $3,255,00o for three units in a triple decker!

Ice dams are common all over JP, including this Prince Street home. Taken Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015.

JP Real Estate Part IV: Real Estate Agents Offer Advice & Feedback from Buyers, Sellers

We've heard from Jamaica Plain real estate agents about what they're seeing in the local market -- now they'll share what people have been saying to them and offer their personal and professional advice to buyers and sellers. This is the fourth (and last) article in our series about Jamaica Plain's real estate market. The first article was about the condo market, the second article was about the single-family home market and the third was about the rental market. Anecdotally, what are you hearing from buyers, sellers and renters in Jamaica Plain? Josh Muncey, Ellen, Janis, & Josh Real Estate Team

Sellers are generally blown away by the end result of their sale.

File photo: Brookside Avenue home.

Jamaica Plain Real Estate Part III: What’s Going On in the Rental Market?

Many people believe rents are higher than ever -- and they certainly are higher than five years ago. But according to a city report, rents for Jamaica Plain's older housing stock -- buildings built before 2011 -- went down 5 percent in 2016 compared to 2015. With more rental units being built, are overall rental unit prices going to drop? Let's hear what local real estate agents have to say about the Jamaica Plain rental market. This is the third article in our series about Jamaica Plain's real estate market.


Jamaica Plain Real Estate Part II: Agents Discuss Single-Family Home Market

The second article in our series about Jamaica Plain's real estate market is about the single-family home market. We asked several JP real estate agents for their thoughts on the houses in which you don't have people living above you or sharing your walls -- although there's always the kids and your in-laws (if you let them move in). This first article in our series about Jamaica Plain's real estate market was about the condo market. 

What are you observing in Jamaica Plain’s single-family market? Maureen McElroy, Jamaica Hill Realty

Here are some stats on single-family houses (as of April 6):

Eight active single-family homes ranging in price from $799,000 to $2,499,000
Nine single-family homes pending
Seven sold from Jan. 1, 2o17, through March 6, 2017, with an average sales price of $851,643 and an average price per square foot $382.