Pros and Cons of Assisted Plant Migration

Garden in the Woods 180 Hemenway Road, Framingham, MA

Climate change poses many challenges to plants that are adapted to particular environmental conditions. Conservation biologists ask: How best can we protect plant diversity in light of these challenges? Should we actively move plants or genes, protect land that enables plants to migrate on their own, or take other steps? Engage in a moderated, lively […]

$20 – $24

Pumpkin Smash

Mattapan Ecovation Center 456 American Legion Hwy, Boston

Join the City of Boston for the great Pumpkin Smash of 2017! Did you know pumpkins past their prime can be composted with your leaf and yard waste? Join us at our family-friendly event where you can safely smash and compost your pumpkin after Halloween. Learn more about how you can compost at home, see […]


A Tiny House Comes to Boston Building Resources

Boston Building Resources 100 Terrace Street, Roxbury Crossing, MA

Some builders think big when it comes to reusing building materials. Others think small, like the team that created a tiny house in the 98-square-foot box of a truck. Alex Eaves and Derek Diedricksen transformed a 16-foot box truck into a tiny home and mobile reuse education center using all secondhand materials. They'll be bringing […]


Closing The Environmental Voting Gap in 2020!

The Venture Cafe - Cambridge Innovation Center 1 Broadway, 5th Floor, Cambridge, NC

Many people who say they care about the #environment don't get out to #vote. It is fact that over 15 million individually identifiable environmentalists stayed at home on Election Day during recent nationwide elections. These are our neighbors, colleagues, friends...maybe even family members. On March 10th, the Boston Area Sustainability Group will host an evening […]

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