Letter: Bromley Heath Manager Should Stay

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My name is Thomas Ruffen and I am a Bromley Heath Boston Housing Authority Resident and former Bromley Heath Board of Directors President, I am writing you this formal letter in regards of our property manager being replaced in a distasteful way, without community knowledge or in fact a community meeting.

Therefore, our property manager Mr. Angel Lopez in his two and a half year leadership at Bromley Health has been a great success with such Community engagements like Youth & Families programs and participation, as well as violent crime in the Bromley Heath neighborhood declining in a significant way teaming up with organizations like the The Boston Police department E-13 for late night flashlight initiatives and State Representative Jeffrey Sanchez Office for Hot Dog/Family Night's to bring unity and resident resources and a sense of safeness just to name a few of the many great things this Manager has tackled in his short time at Bromley Heath.

However, when Mr. Lopez first took over at Bromley Heath there were grave circumstances and obstacles, like the transition from the forty year reign of the Tenant Management Corporation to the Boston Housing Authority, Bromley Heath was pleagued with drugs, violence and management corruption, Mr Lopez came aboard with his many talents and single handedly changed the direction of Bromley Heath in a more positive direction.

Boston Housing Authority Department executives has decided to relocate Mr. Lopez to another BHA Housing complex despite the Bromley Heath residents voice and concerns to keep our community safe and thriving. We have come so far at Bromley Heath under the leadership of Property Manager Angel Lopez to fall back to the normal business as usual.

In conclusion, We at Bromley Heath ask you to assist us in any way you can by uniting with us to keep Mr. Lopez and his leadership at Bromley Heath Housing Development, so that he may continue to provide residents with educational resources, community partnerships, Youth & family programing and spearheading a positive quality of life at Bromley Heath Housing Development.

Respectfully Submitted,

Thomas J. Ruffen, Resident Leader

[Editor's note: Ruffen said there will be a protest at a scheduled meeting with the new Bromley Heath managers on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. at 30 Bickford St.]