Police Update Descriptions of Pond Armed Robbery Duo

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District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Headquarters, Boston Police

Chris Helms

District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Headquarters, Boston Police

On Thursday police released a little more detail on the descriptions of two young men, one brandishing a gun, the other holding a knife, who held up people at least twice last week around Jamaica Pond.

Police say both robbers were black or black and Hispanic. One stood 5-0 or 5-4 while the other was between 5-5 and 6-0. Their ages are estimated to be between 14 and 21.

"We are looking for any additional information from any victims/witnesses," wrote Police Officer Carlos Lara. "We are also looking for assistance in identifying either or both suspects as well. If you have/or know of any relationships with anyone who could be our suspects please do not hesitate to contact District E-13 detectives at 617-343-5628."

Both incidents took place late last Wednesday. In one, a bicyclist was robbed of his laptop, phone and cash and left tied to a tree. In the other, the robbers approached a group of three people and robbed them.

Police and neighborhood groups have called an emergency meeting for 4:30 p.m. Friday at the Jamaica Pond boathouse/band stand. Capt. Alfredo Andres, leader of police District E-13, will address residents about the robberies.

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[Editor's note: Police say the second robbery was of a group of three people, not five as an initial police report seemed to imply.]