Want More Internet Options in JP?

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I’m working on a project about Internet options with a group at Harvard and it got me looking at what is available to us in JP.

Currently, all of us can get Comcast/Xfinity, some streets in JP can get RCN, some have Verizon DSL, others are using options like Clear through Tech Goes Home (http://connectingboston.org).

I created a Google Map and wanted to see if people would in put a pin on the map if you would be interested in having an alternative to Comcast/Xfinity and then sharing the map with RCN and Netblazr to see if we can increase their service options in JP.

It is unlikely Verizon will expand their Fios service any further as they are now focused on wireless services only, here in Greater Boston and in its other Fios markets.

RCN (http://rcn.com) is a traditional telecommunications company that offers television, Internet, and telephone, but say they offer faster Internet services with lower prices than Comcast/Xfinity ( http://rcn.com/boston/high-speed-internet/services-and-pricing ).

Netblazr (http://www.netblazr.com) is a “mesh network,” where they have repeaters placed on tall buildings and then each customer’s device also serves to extend the network. Netblazr is currently available in Back Bay, South End, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Roxbury, Newmarket, South Boston, Charlestown, Fort Point, Leather District, Cambridge, Allston, Brighton, and Chinatown, but not yet in JP.

Netblazr needs to install its repeater on tall buildings in order to relay its internet signal, so their repeaters need to be on 4+ stories higher than surrounding area of which there are only a few in JP. Netblazr is speaking with management at Jamaicaway Tower (at 30 stories), but nothing is confirmed yet; apparently people within the building would also need to subscribe to the service to make it work. If you live there, be sure to add a pin! The apartment buildings near Jackson Square or The Brewery (and its old smokestack) are other options; if you know people at either, please let me know.

For these companies, knowing where the customers are could help them expand and help us all get more choice.

If you have Comcast/Xfinity, but would consider changing to another Internet option, put a marker on the map so we’ll have that info all in one place.

You don’t have to share your name or any personal information.

It’s easy to do:

1) Click on http://bit.ly/JPinternet

2) From the top navigation, click on “add marker,” then click on your home or business. Google may require that you have a gmail email account to do this.

3) Save the marker onto the map.

If you already have RCN put a marker on the map if you can. RCN has service on some streets on JP, but not many, so if we can see where they already are it might help with expanding existing service.

I’ve spoken to contacts at RCN and Netblazr and, when I have data from JP, will reconnect with them to see if one or both can expand their service.

If you can add your pins by December 31st, I’ll talk to them in January.

I’ll share info on what they say after that!

Thanks in advance for participating,
Charles McEnerney