JP Man Pleads Not Guilty to South End Slaying

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A Jamaica Plain man pleaded not guilty Wednesday in the killing of Evens Archer.

Johnnie Bonnie, 22, pleaded not guilty to all four counts against him, according to the Herald.

Archer, 17, was gunned down at a South End party on Castle Court.

Prosecutors aim to prove Bonnie was the man who fired one shot into the back of Archer's head. It was three weeks before Archer, a Dorchester resident, died from his injuries, prosecutors said in a statement.

Edward Hayden, Bonnie's recently-appointed lawyer, said Bonnie "vehemently denies these accusations."

Grand jurors handed down the indictment on Friday, Nov. 14. Prosecutors said video and witness statements finger Bonnie as the shooter. Bonnie was in jail on a separate charge of having an illegal firearm, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office said.

Friends of Archer paid tribute to him with a YouTube video and the Twitter hashtag #LongLiveEA.

[Editor's note: This item has been updated with a statement from Bonnie's attorney.]