Video: Montreal-style Snow Thrower Cleans Hyde Square

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On Tuesday I found myself at the stop for the 39 Bus outside Canary Square kvetching with a former Montrealer who has for decades lived in JP about how much better his native city removes snow. Then JP's Shamus Moynihan posted the above video from Hyde Square.

For comparison, here's a similar clip from Les Habs country:

Montreal still has this on us, snow-removal wise: If you miss the siren that the snow machine is coming by your street, they'll just tow your car around to the next cleared street instead of all the way to city tow lot on Frontage Road.

But it's sweet to see some Montreal-style snow removal right here in JP. Let's take another look:

And in case you missed our earlier "snow removal porn" post, here's a photo gallery of a snow melter at work in the Arborway Yard.