City Launches Redesigned Website; Check Out New JP Section

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The City of Boston launched its redesigned website on Wednesday, offering a modern design focused on making it easier for residents to access city services.

"The launch of the new website marks a meaningful step in making the City's digital services accessible for all," said Mayor Marty Walsh. "Whether you're a college student moving into a new apartment or a small business owner, our goal is to provide a website that is welcoming and user-friendly to all who visit. As a City, we are always striving to set new standards and strive for excellence, and we look forward to continuing to build together."

The new website makes it easier to learn about trash removal, recycling, street cleaning, to pay a parking ticket, submit an an illegal parking report, report a pothole and more.

On the website there are sections for individual neighborhoods highlighting amenities, what each neighborhood is known for, neighborhood history and landmarks and neighborhood resources.

The JP section mentions individual neighborhoods, including Hyde Square, Jackson Square, Stonybrook, Forest Hills and Sumner Hill. The description of Jamaica Plain includes that we call it JP, there is a "strong Latino population" and a "growing LGBTQ community."

Check out the full description below or check it out here.

Locals call Jamaica Plain “JP.” The classic streetcar suburb that has become one of Boston’s most dynamic neighborhoods. Surrounded by the Emerald Necklace, Arnold Arboretum, Franklin Park and JP Pond, it is the perfect place to visit, shop, dine, and live all year round!

The area is home to a diverse community culture including:

  • a strong Latino population
  • young families, seniors, and pets
  • nonprofit groups
  • community associations
  • crime watches, and
  • a growing LGBTQ community.

From Hyde and Jackson Square, to Centre and South area, to Forest Hills, to Sumner Hill, to Stonybrook area, to Egleston Square, to Jamaica Hills and every corner between — there are hidden gems to be found.

You’ll see a mix of cultures in local businesses, shops and restaurants along all of the Main Street business districts that could easily fill up a weekend afternoon, or night out with friends and family.

So what do you think of the website? What do you think of the JP section? How about the description of JP? What did they miss? Let us know below.