JP Residents Created Little Pickins to Provide Healthy Fresh Food for Babies and Toddlers

There is a void in the food aisle of ready-made, healthy food for babies and toddlers, and two Jamaica Plain moms are aiming to fill that void with their new business, Little Pickins. Jenn Bingham, who is a physician assistant, certified natural foods chef, and creates all of the recipes, founded Little Pickins. After discussing the struggles of finding healthy food options for their little ones, Bingham teamed up with Kelly Wannier. Wannier, CEO and cofounder, answered questions from Jamaica Plain News about Little Pickins, what made them start the business, and more. Q: Are you and Jenn both JP residents?

The Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade, a tradition hosted by community group Spontaneous Celebrations since 1984, attracts thousands of local residents and visitors from outside the neighborhood every year for a weekend of beautiful lights. The festivities begin at 6 p.m. on Oct. 18 and 19 at the Jamaica Pond Boat House.

36th Annual Jamaica Pond Lantern Parades on Oct. 19 & 20

If you're new to Jamaica Plain you're going to want to check out this weekend's Jamaica Pond Lantern Parades. Hundreds of people of all ages (and dogs), some costumed and some not, will gather for pre-Halloween fun in the annual presented by Spontaneous Celebrations and the Friends of Jamaica Pond. This year marks the 36th year of the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parades that happen on both Saturday and Sunday. Before the parade, people gather by the Jamaica Pond Boat House, and hang their lanterns to display for all to enjoy the varied designs. The parades start at dusk on both Saturday and Sunday, as people walk around the pond holding their lanterns.


New Novel, ‘Redlined,’ Set in Disinvested Jamaica Plain in 1974

The new novel, Redlined, by Richard Wise, tells the story of a very different Jamaica Plain, circa 1974. Visualize Jamaica Plain in its disinvestment years, with banks “redlining” the neighborhood by refusing loans to first time homebuyers as well as long-term residents seeking to improve their houses. Imagine Jamaica Plain with dozens of abandoned buildings. Newcomers to the neighborhood alongside old-timers will enjoy this page-turning thriller about several intrepid community organizers responding to arson and corruption. Using street savvy and property research, these organizers learn of a secret plan to turn over Southwest Corridor lands to a casino development.


Annual JP Dog Parade, Costume and Fashion Show on Oct. 26

Ruth Barker Ginsberg and 50 Shades of Grey(hound) were two of the best costumes at last year's annual Jamaica Plain Canine Costume Parade. What will dogs be sporting this year?? The 16th Annual JP Dog Parade, Costume & Fashion Show will take place on Saturday, October 26, starting at the First Baptist Church (633 Centre St.,) with signups starting at noon. The rolling rally parade will make its way down Centre Street with a police escort -- no word on whether the K-9 unit will be participating. The parade will finish at the Loring-Greenough House where costumed dogs (and their owners/guardians/life coaches) will strut on the red carpet.