Survey Asks: How Do You Feel About Parklets on South and Centre Streets?

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How do you feel about parklets, or mini-parks, being in Jamaica Plain this summer? That's the topic for a JP Centre/South Main Streets survey.

JP Centre/South Main Streets

A parklet is a mini park that is temporary. Want to see them in Jamaica Plain?

Installing parklets is a city initiative throughout Main Streets districts for this summer.

"A Parklet repurposes part of the street, typically one or two parking spaces, into a public space in which people can gather and socialize. In cities across the country, Parklets play an important role in neighborhood placemaking, encouraging community interactions and a vibrant street life," says a document about the initiative.

The short survey asks questions, including where should parklets be located and whether there would be support for a crowdsourcing campaign to fund parklets,

Parklets kind of act like a mini cafe, providing a little deck or patio space with seating, landscaping and oftentimes artwork. Siting parklets is integral to their success, as it doesn't make sense to install one in an area with fast-moving traffic or nearby an actual park.

Applications for parklets need to be submitted to the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) and will be reviewed by the city. If approved, the city's on-call design consultant will work with a community partner to design the parklet. The community partner would be responsible for day-to-day maintenance of the parklet.

Click here to take the JP Centre/South Main Streets' survey.