High End Boutique, Nckls & Dimes, Opening on Centre Street

A high end boutique with its own branded clothing items is opening on Centre Street. Located at 668 Centre St., Nckls & Dimes, the store will be selling men's and women's attire, including sweatsuits, sweatshirts, luxury dress shirts, and more. The store will also be both selling and consigning high end designer labels. A representative for the business said they expect to open just after Christmas.  

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JP Mechanic Shop Owner, Computer Repairer, Discuss Aftermath of Question 1

Patrick Lombard, a mechanic and owner of West Cork Auto on Centre Street, can get all the information he needs to diagnose car problems by plugging an expensive computer into a standardized port located under a car’s dashboard. In the future he may be using an app instead. “Telematics is definitely becoming more and more common,” says Lombard, referring to electronic data that is collected and sent wirelessly from vehicles to automakers. Telematics was at the heart of Massachusetts ballot Question 1, which passed by an overwhelming majority on Nov. 3.


‘Jamaica Plain Through Time’ Takes Readers on Historical Tour of Neighborhood

Historian Anthony Sammarco's newest book Jamaica Plain Through Time chronicles the neighborhood from the late 19th century through to the 21st century. The following is from Sammarco's book with contemporary photographs by Peter B. Kingman. Known in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as the Jamaica End of Roxbury, the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, evolved from agrarian farmland for over 200 years into one of the more dynamic and inclusive neighborhoods of twenty-first century Boston. Jamaica Plain became one of the earliest streetcar suburbs of Boston with various forms of transportation linking it to downtown Boston. With horse drawn streetcars, the Boston & Providence Railroad as well as the Boston Elevated Railway, by the turn of the twentieth century, the ease of transportation allowed a thriving nexus of cultures to move to a community that not only saw tremendous residential and commercial development, especially with the numerous breweries along the Stony Brook, but also green space and open lands that were laid out by Frederick Law Olmsted as a part of the "Emerald Necklace" of Boston.


Trivia Challenge! Can You Defeat the Whiz of JP Facts?

How good are you at Jamaica Plain trivia? Good enough to beat the assumed JP trivia champ? Sign up for the virtual Jamaica Plain Trivia Battle Royale on Nov. 12, and you'll see how much trivia you know. The evening will be full of facts, celebrity clues, historical info, and commercials from JP's local businesses.