New Private School Opening in Forest Hills Fall 2020

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A new elementary private school is planning on opening at the former site of the Harvest Co-op in Forest Hills in fall 2020.

The Croft School will be offering one class of pre-kindergarten and one class of kindergarten.

As for what type of school Croft plans on being?

"We know schools that are obsessive about testing and standards. We know other schools that choose to forego explicit teaching of critical literacy, math, and other foundational skills. We pride ourselves on being thoughtful about balance: the right dose of core academic focus mixed with the right dose of other types of progressive learning, discovery, and fun! We’re often asked: Are you Montessori? Are you Waldorf? Are you traditional 'Direct Instruction'? Our answer: we respect all of these program types, and employ our favorite features from each of them," says the school's website.

The Croft School is opening a school in Providence this fall with tuition costing $16,970.

The school was co-founded by Scott Given and Cristina Smith. Given was formerly the CEO of the UP Education Network until he resigned in 2016, according to UP operates three tuition free, public schools in Boston.

Given's biography on the Croft School website says he has two sons, ages 2 and 4.

"For a while, we leaned towards city public school as our default option, but we observed just too many quality inconsistencies, classroom to classroom, to pursue that path. Our review of most private schools yielded options that were unaffordable and/or didn't "check the boxes" on other criteria, too. We felt stuck — there were no undeniably high-quality mid-priced schools," writes Given on the website.

The school is named after Given's former track coach in high school. The school offers what it calls Parent 3.0, which includes things such as dropping off and picking up dry-cleaning, FedEx, CVS prescriptions, takeout food, Amazon packages and more at the school.