Temporary Saturday Brookside Community Health Center Closure Disappointing

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The following is a letter sent to Jamaica Plain News and a response from the Brigham and Women's Hospital:

I received some heart breaking news. Brookside Community Health Center will no longer be open on Saturdays starting in 2024. I think that this decision from Brigham and Women's Hospital does no good to the community. I have been a patient at Brookside for over 20 years and took pride in knowing that the clinic has services and Saturday mornings availability. Now, I will have to find a new clinic all together. What a shame.

Shania Black

Editor's note: The following is a statement from a Brigham and Women's Hospital spokesperson. 

“This is a temporary closure that will allow us to evaluate our resources in order to staff efficiently on days where the most patients are wanting and needing to seek care. We welcome patient feedback during this piloted closure as we determine what hours are best to serve our community.”